About Us

We serve the Woodbridge community, and, through Rotary International, good causes around the world.

For example, we:

  1. Help to run the Woodbridge Memory Cafe

  2. Funded the model boat at Sutton Hoo

  3. Present the annual Notcutt Lecture

  4. Raised £1/4 Million for good causes since 2000

  5. Contribute to the eradication of polio

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Upcoming Activities

2017 Programme - Next up is A one-off visit of Father Christmas at Wyvales on the 18th November.  Following that, the annual Carol service on Market hill on Wednesday 20th December .  For details of these events and our full program - see here for details.

Cycle Ride on a beautiful day

The annual cycle ride, which was an off-road event for the first time this year, was held today in Rendlesham and Tunstall forests around Butley.

160 riders left in groups to cover the 25 mile course and could not have wished for a better day.

Our thanks to all who participated to help raise more than £750 for Bike Active.

We are a team of friends working for the benefit of the communities of 

Woodbridge and District and people around the world