About Us

We serve the Woodbridge community, and, through Rotary International, good causes around the world.

For example, we:

  1. Help to run the Woodbridge Memory Cafe

  2. Funded the model boat at Sutton Hoo

  3. Present the annual Notcutt Lecture

  4. Raised £1/4 Million for good causes since 2000

  5. Contribute to the eradication of polio

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Upcoming Activities

2018 Programme

The Rotary Club would like to wish all Woodbridge residents a very happy and successful 2018.  Our programme of events will start in the spring - see here for details.

Entry is now open for the charity golf day on 10th July.  See here for further details.

Fundraising total announced

Woodbridge Rotary has recently announced that, since the turn of the century, the club has raised nearly £300,000 for good causes.


We are a team of friends working for the benefit of the communities of 

Woodbridge and District and people around the world

75 Years of Service